Shipping and return policies for Lisa Coleman

Shipping Info
Cassettes can be troubling. They will hurt your feelings. They unspool, they get caught up in the cassette player, they break. All sorts of things that make a cassette sort of mercurial and not last long, also make it pretty cool. BUT that's up to you to decide. We will NOT replace any damaged cassettes. These are limited edition items. Insert it into a player at your own risk.

SHIPPING: It's expensive. We will try and do some cool things to ease the pain of postage. A bonus sticker or magnet. Something. We understand the pain. ATTENTION EUROPE:: IF YOU ARE IN EUROPE AND ONLY BUYING ONE ITEM (1 item only), WE WILL SHIP VIA FIRST CLASS AND REFUND YOU VIA PAYPAL APPROX $13-$15 FOR NOT USING PRIORITY MAIL.

Note regarding cassette shells. We will pack these nicely and cross our fingers. But if the clear shell gets cracked in shipping, we will NOT be able to replace it. We only have enough shells to cover how many cassettes we have. So if you're older, maybe you have some shells laying around. If not, and you think the shell is important, then don't risk it.
Return Policy
No returns. Everything available in this store is limited or a very short-run item. We are doing this ourselves and not able to just shoot out replacements. All cassette sales are final. No returns. T-shirts are super limited. There are no other shirts to swap out for a larger or smaller. If you got one, that's it. There are no more.

See shipping info for more details.